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Richard Harrington

Tel: 978-409-6112

Architext offers telework as an option for employees.

Ballardvale Office Park provides outdoor bike racks.

Ballardvale Office Park provides preferred parking for carpools and vanpools.

Ballardvale Office Park offers preferred parking for Electric/Hybrid cars.

Ballardvale Office Park has electric vehicle charging stations.

Unhappy with the amount of money and time you are spending on your commute? Looking for an alternative to driving alone? We have got you covered!

Ballardvale Office Park is a member of the Junction TMO, which makes you are eligible for a variety of services that will make leaving your car behind easier than ever. The best part? They are all FREE! Combining the Junction services with Ballardvale Office Park’s transportation resources and benefits (detailed below) can help to create the perfect commute solution.

Junction Services

Our goal is to make your ride relaxing, convenient, economical and green. Here are a few of our services that can do that!

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