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Cycling is a great alternative to driving for ALL trips.

Whether cycling is used for all or part of your commute, to run errands, or even for pleasure bicycling is a healthy, clean, quiet, and efficient means of getting places.

Route Assistance and Bike Buddy Program

If you are new to cycling and would like advice on safe and scenic routes or would like to partner with a seasoned cyclist while you get your feet wet, the JTMO can help. Simply complete the personalized commute plan request below.

Request a Personalized Commute Plan

Bike to Work

Did you know? The Town of Andover has many routes that are designated for cyclists and offers free bike registration for residents and for employees of Andover companies. Wilmington also has bike trails within the Town Forest.

Andover Bike Routes

Andover Bike Routes

Cyclists are Eligible for our Free 24/7 Commute “Insurance”

We understand that giving up the convenience and flexibility of your personal vehicle can be stressful! That is why we created our Guaranteed Ride Home Program so you never have to worry about being stranded at work in case of a personal or family emergency or unexpected, mandatory overtime. The JTMO's FREE Guaranteed Ride Home Program is your 24/7 commuter "insurance policy." We use UBER to make getting your ride, fast easy and convenient. Once you have registered with the JTMO GRH program, you will receive an email from UBER with a link to join the TMO's GRH program. After you click on the link to accept the invitation, you can start to use the program immediately!

Check Out the Benefits of Biking

Save Money
While there are some costs involved with making sure that you are properly equipped to bike, the overall expense is a fraction of what driving costs. What gear you need depends on the length of your commute, the weather and how much you want to spend. At a minimum you will need a bike that is in good repair and a helmet.

Get Healthy
Cycling allows you to combine transportation with exercise. How is that for multi-tasking? Just how good is cycling?

On average, an hour’s cycling adds about an hour on to your life!

1 hour
A 5 mile bike ride burns approximately 150 calories. (Calories burned will vary based on your weight and the speed you are traveling).

Source: Cambridge University study

Breathe Easier
Cycling and walking are emissions free, meaning you are not putting any toxins into the air.

Switching from driving to biking for short, daily trips could save between 2.4 and 5 billion gallons of gas and keep between 21 and 45 million tons of Co2 out of the atmosphere.

Save 2.4 and 5 billion gallons of gas
Reduce between 21 and 45 million tons of Co2

Source: Bikemunk

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