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The Junction TMO is a membership-based organization that is open to any business, commercial or residential development in the Andover, North Reading, Reading, Tewksbury, Wilmington, and Woburn area.

The JTMO provides its members with transportation and advocacy based solutions to address a variety of business needs.

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1 week ago
Guess what's a great alternative to driving alone? A Vanpool-not familar with it, check out this article: https://t.co/lzY6lQa47W. Employers, you can help defray the costs. Exclusive carpool lanes don't hurt either!
2 weeks ago
Check out all these great hikes with our friends at #AVIS! https://t.co/O7tZbfkfgb. They will be joining us at an upcoming health and wellness expo-stay tuned for that date!
3 weeks ago
"Bicycling infrastructure is significantly associated with fewer fatalities and better road-safety outcomes." So more protected bike lanes, the safer the roads are for everyone! https://t.co/PLXXRfXQDs
3 weeks ago
Improving Public Health by Making Cities Friendly to Walking and Biking.
Safer, More Active Transportation Starts With the Street @JAMAInternalMed
3 weeks ago
We spend so much money on building and maintaining roads and highways, imagined if we diverted some of that to #bike #highways! May be what we need to get people out of their cars? https://t.co/FeKLgg3GSR
People's Daily, China @PDChina
Beijing's 1st #bicycle #highway opened to the public on Friday. The 6.5-km-long and 6-m-wide path allows a speed of 20 km/h, cutting the 90-minute commute during rush hour to an average of just 26 minutes! https://t.co/UwTKEbc9zu


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