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The Junction TMO is a membership-based organization that is open to any business, commercial or residential development in the Andover, North Reading, Reading, Tewksbury, Wilmington, and Woburn area.

The JTMO provides its members with transportation and advocacy based solutions to address a variety of business needs.

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6 days ago
Did you hear? We're transitioning to an amazing ride-matching program with @RideAmigos. Stay tuned for the rollout in late summer... https://t.co/CGOKzjktiG JunctionTMOrg photo
7 days ago
Longer commute times=less time to be active and make a healthy meal. Plus gridlock traffic makes us more stressed=raises our blood pressure. What's the alternative? Less driving-more moving! Get ready for our #wellness challenge! https://t.co/s32gwWRCGJ
3 weeks ago
Pedestrian deaths increased > 50% in the U.S. in past ten years. Reasons: Unsafe mid-block crossings, high car speeds, darkness, elderly/poor are at risk (all are related to built environments.) Not a reason: Distracted walking. https://t.co/0YiWy38TyU via @StreetsblogUSA
4 weeks ago
Guess what's a great alternative to driving alone? A Vanpool-not familar with it, check out this article: https://t.co/lzY6lQa47W. Employers, you can help defray the costs. Exclusive carpool lanes don't hurt either!
1 month ago
Check out all these great hikes with our friends at #AVIS! https://t.co/O7tZbfkfgb. They will be joining us at an upcoming health and wellness expo-stay tuned for that date!


JTMO transitions to a new Ride-Matching and Trip Planning Platform

We're excited to offer RideAmigos to our TMO members as the new comprehensive ride-matching program. Not only can you find one-time rides and traditional carpools, RideAmigos will also show all multimodal options available to you and incentives and GRH will be automatically integrated and administered.

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