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The Junction TMO is a membership-based organization that is open to any business, commercial or residential development in the Andover, North Reading, Reading, Tewksbury, Wilmington, and Woburn area.

The JTMO provides its members with transportation and advocacy based solutions to address a variety of business needs.

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3 days ago
Sharon won a $150 Amazon gift card, just for logging her telework "trips"! You can be our next winner! We're continuing to celebrate telework through the summer with the chance to win a $75 gift card every month from now until Sept 1st! Good luck! https://t.co/vuNsY4MlS4 https://t.co/x8Wpc2Nk8Z JunctionTMOrg photo
1 week ago
Massachusetts should be devising strategies to deter the number of single occupancy cars hitting the road when more people return to their offices with congestion pricing. The excuse that's it's not equitable can be overcome: https://t.co/ALCacs24UE
1 week ago
In this tragedy comes so much opportunity to make mobility and quality of live better, especially for people suffering the most from COVID-19. The time to act and be forward thinking with our climate and transportation policy is now: https://t.co/YJXObyQrXi
1 week ago
This is what we need state-wide! Then commuting to work becomes a viable option for the majority of folks, not just a few hearty souls https://t.co/aoPG6mKuOO
Tim Papandreou @tpap_
Great highway @sfgov. This used to be a 4 lane highway for cars. Now it’s a place for people to stroll, jog, 🚲ride or teach their their kids how to ride, or just enjoy the outside without cars, pollution & noise. It’s possible in your region too, you just need leadership. https://t.co/CnGDU5LULw
2 weeks ago
The fact that bikes are now the "new toilet paper" is a very heartening trend. https://t.co/LxRrsQDHVR


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