May 1st-May 31st
In order to be ready to make a commute change in the future, we are asking you to sow the seeds now for a healthier you. We know for instance, that commuters who carpool a couple days a week, have a higher level of commute satisfaction than people who drive alone because of the cost savings, stress reduction, and the social interaction associated with carpooling. We also know that commuters who walk or bike commute all or part of the way, are the most satisfied commuters and are more productive at work.
So get ready to explore your future options!
Join our CommuteConnect database and fill out your profile. Once you are in, you'll be able to find carpool matches, see all commuting options, or even find a bike buddy and you'll get rewarded for logging your trips!
Step 1: Sign up for CommuteConnect
Step 2: Complete your profile
Step 3: Start logging your Commute trips (telework trips always count)!
We'll send you a packet of seeds for your outdoor garden or indoor container garden. The first 10 people who complete the top 3 steps will receive a $10 Starbucks gift card. Already doing these 3 steps? At the end of May, we'll hold a drawing for everyone who has completed their profiles and logged at least 4 trips for the month for a $125 Gift card.