Wondering how to take care of yourself when you are working from home?

Find out at this webinar on March 10, 2021 at 12:00 PM EST.

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Join us for a FREE lunchtime webinar with Intuitive Wellness Coach-Gina Newton. We'll go through:

• A gentle, easy to follow yoga and stretching routine focusing on alleviating tension in the neck and shoulders
• Establishing habits around self-care including healthy eating and stress management

More info on Gina Newton:

Gina Newton is an intuitive, trauma-informed, wellness coach who works with women to heal their inner wounds by improving their food and lifestyle habits.  Her business, Tame the Sweet encourages its clients to maintain a low-sugar diet but also to “tame your inner sweet” putting an end to guilt, shame & fear associated with food and our bodies while walking away from people pleasing, living without boundaries.

Gina is an example of how strong the mind-body connection is and through deep spiritual work, has been on a healing journey and has made significant progress in healing her mind and body.  She is a certified 200 hour yoga instructor and Reiki Practitioner.  She coaches both 1:1 and in a group setting.  When she isn’t supporting women on their healing journey, she is a loving wife to her true soul-mate Jay and Mom to Emma, age 6.5 and Isla, 5.  Our family has a passion for music and it is our key healing and stress management tool in our home.


www.tamethesweet.com (Website/link to my services)

https://www.facebook.com/gina.m.newton.9/ (Facebook account)

https://www.facebook.com/groups/990296171464664 (Private Facebook group)

https://www.instagram.com/gina.m.newton/ (instagram)