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With our all in one easy to use platform commuters can:

  • Find carpool or one-time ridesharing opportunities as well as bike buddies
  • See all multi-modal commuting options available to them based upon where they live and work or want to go such as: commuter rail, transit, shuttles, ferries, bikeshare/scooters, buses, walking or driving
  • See how their mode choice impacts their cost savings, carbon emissions, and vehicle miles traveled and be able to take advantage of rewards, incentives, and challenges to motivate behavioral change
  • Earn points for the Green to Work Program (quarterly $250 raffle drawing)
  • Earn points to obtain the Guaranteed Ride Home benefit of up to 4 UBER rides home in case of emergencies, unscheduled overtime, or sickness and you need to get home right away
  • Easily log trips automatically by downloading the Commute Tracker by RideAmigos App and enable the trip tracking feature, the app will detect and distinguish what type of trip you take, it’s a simple swipe to confirm trips to earn rewards
  • Sync with trips taken from other apps such as Strava or Waze Carpool

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