JTMO transitions to a new Ride-Matching and Trip Planning Platform

JTMO will be switching to a new comprehensive ride-matching and trip planning platform by early fall!

This new platform will allow commuters to:

  • Display all multi-modal commuting options based upon where you live and work;
  • Access your account and all the features on the mobile app-Commute Track
  • Find ride matches for one-time rides, reoccurring trips and vanpool opportunities;
  • Identify cost savings, Co2 reduction, and reduced vehicle miles at your fingertips
  • Turn on the automated trip tracker to automatically log your commutes to earn great incentive awards for our Green to Work program for trips to/from your home/worksite using a sustainable transportation option; and
  • Our Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH) program with UBER will also be integrated and administered through this platform.

We will be migrating all existing profiles from BayState Commute automatically to RideAmigos. If you do not wish to transfer your profile over, please contact us by September 15, 2019.

There will be a short time where we will not have ride-matching available and we apologize for this inconvenience. Our other key programs-Green to Work and the Guaranteed Ride Home program will still be accessible.

Stay tuned for the roll out date and contests to set up an account and log your trips!



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