MBTA Announces PERQ For Work Program

PERQ for Work allows employers to buy passes directly from the MBTA every month for employees at the current pre-tax rate of up to $260/mo. Employees save money by having less of their income taxed and employers save on the reduced payroll taxes.

Comparison PERQ Private Company like Edenred
Cost Free to set up Fee per commuter
How passes distributed Delivered to the worksite Commuter check or debit card can be delivered directly to employee or employee can purchase online
Downsides Physical pass can get lost, stolen, or damaged and is not replaced Added Cost for Employer
Final say Cannot buy passes online via mticket but MBTA is piloting this program for the future Convenience and customer service-can use for transit or vanpool, commuter can set up reoccurring transaction, less administrative work for employer
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