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Guaranteed Ride Home

We Guarantee Your Commute Will Never Leave You Stranded.

We hear it all the time...what if? What if my child is sick, what if an emergency arises at home, what if I am asked to stay late at work? We understand that giving up the convenience and flexibility of your personal vehicle can be stressful! That is why we created our Guaranteed Ride Home Program, so you never have to worry about being stranded at work in case of family emergency or unplanned, mandatory overtime. Whether you ride share, take transit, bike or walk, if the unexpected happens you can have peace of mind.

Uber guaranteed ride home

The JTMO's FREE Guaranteed Ride Home Program is your 24/7 commuter "insurance policy." We use UBER to make getting your ride fast, easy and convenient.

Once you have registered with the JTMO GRH program, you will receive an email from UBER with a link to join the TMO's GRH program. After you click on the link to accept the invitation, you can start to use the program immediately!

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Procedure for Obtaining A Guaranteed Ride Home

  1. All eligible Junction TMO member employees/tenants must register for the program and agree with the Terms of Use by checking the box at the bottom of the registration form. Once you have registered you will receive an invitation from UBER for Business with a link to join the Junction TMO Guaranteed Ride Home program. The next step is to click the link within the UBER for Business invitation email to activate your account. If you do not already have the UBER app on your phone, You you must download the UBER app using your personal credit card information. If you do not already have the UBER app on your phone, you must download the UBER app using your personal credit card information. A valid personal credit card must be on file with Uber at all times in order to be eligible to participate in the Junction TMO GRH program, however your personal credit card will NEVER BE BILLED if you are using the GRH according to the program’s TERMS OF USE .
  2. In the event of an emergency or unscheduled overtime, registrants can request a ride via the UBER app using the TMO GRH account. The Junction TMO will automatically be billed for the ride.
  3. The Junction TMO will pay for the GRH ride when used in accordance with the approved GRH policy. If the member employee/tenant does not use the service in accordance with the Junction GRH policy, your credit card information on file with Uber will be billed for the ride.
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