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Emergency Ride Home (ERH) Service

For employees of member companies of The Junction TMO the Emergency Ride Home service (ERH) is like having your own “commuter insurance policy.”

Suppose you usually ride to work on public transportation or share a ride with others, and then something happens that’s beyond your control and you either have to leave work earlier or later than usual. What do you do if you need a ride right away? If your employer is a member of the Junction TMO, please contact the JTMO for assistance.

Policies and Procedures

How do I know if I may use the Emergency Ride Home service?

You may use the ERH service if you:

  1. Are a full- or part-time employee of one of The Junction TMO member companies.

  2. Currently bicycle, walk, take public transportation, use a bus service or company shuttle, or share a ride to work with others (such as a carpool or vanpool) at least two days per week.

  3. Review and agree to comply with the ERH Policies and Procedures.

  4. Submit a completed Participant's Agreement Form online to the TMO.

  5. Receive your Junction TMO ERH Voucher for one free emergency ride home.

When and how can I use the Emergency Ride Home service?

You may use the ERH service up to four times in a calendar year for either of the following unexpected reasons which force you to miss your ride:

  1. If you must leave during the workday due to personal or family illness or crisis; OR

  2. If you are unexpectedly requested by a supervisor to work beyond your normal hours; OR

  3. If your carpool or vanpool driver must attend to either 1 or 2. above.

This sounds easy – but what else do I need to know?
  1. If you use public transit, you must take the next transit vehicle if the next trip is scheduled within thirty minutes after you need to leave.

  2. Bicyclists and pedestrians will be eligible to use the service if it is deemed unsafe to travel at the hour of departure.

  3. If you are part of a vanpool and get stranded at work because your primary driver has left due to one of the above reasons, your driver must leave the van at work (with the keys, of course). Then, the designated alternate driver must drive the rest of you home. The primary driver, in turn, may use the ERH service.

Can I use the ERH service for other reasons?

Sorry, you may use the ERH service only for the above reasons. Personal reasons, weather-related events such as early workplace closure, and transportation delays do not apply. By registering for the service, you are agreeing to use it appropriately and to reimburse the Junction TMO for expenses incurred for unauthorized usage.

OK, so if I need an Emergency Ride Home, what do I have to do?
  1. For more information, please email the TMO contact for assistance.

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