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Advocacy for Infrastructure Improvement

Since its inception in 2001, the Junction TMO has been advocating for roadway improvements for its members. Improving access to the Andover/Wilmington/Tewksbury region is a priority among municipal leaders, businesses, institutions, and residents, and the JTMO shares that conviction.

In the early 2000s the JTMO testified in support of the rebuilding of the I-93/Rte 125/Ballardvale St. intersection. Currently, long-time commuters from the area cannot help but notice the improved flow of traffic and reduced wait times since the rebuilding of this high volume intersection was completed several years ago.

Going forward, the greatest long-term potential impact on and benefit for our area is the I-93 Tri-Town Interchange Development Project, and in 2008 the state designated the I-93 Tri-Town Area as a Priority Development Site.

I-93 Study AreaThe JTMO was an early and strong advocate for this project and has submitted numerous public comments advocating for its completion. The new interchange will provide a direct link to Ballardvale Street and Research Drive, the result of which will significantly ease the commute for all the employees in the area. I-93 northbound commuters will no longer need to cut through Ballardvale to or from the Dascomb Rd. entrance ramp. And many southbound commuters will be able to save time by not having to travel to Rte 125. Commercial truck traffic to and from the area will also benefit. The JTMO has proposed a master plan with a full menu of transportation demand management measures for the Tri-Town Development Area.

Additional components essential to this project and which the JTMO supports are:
• Double tracking of the Haverhill Commuter Rail line
• Construction of a new Lowell Junction Commuter Rail station
• Extension of Burtt Road and completed grade crossing of rail tracks
• Expanded bicycle mobility in the area
• Forming an interim Bus-On-Shoulder route on I-93
• Instituting a future local shuttle serving the I-93 Tri-Town Development Area.

With an eye toward the future, the I-93 Tri-Town Task Force in 2010 publicly designated the JTMO to be the primary commuter transportation resource for tenants, employees and visitors as the project comes to fruition. In this way, the JTMO will continue its mission to ensure reliable and convenient access for employees, visitors, and clients.

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