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The Junction TMO Offers Ride Matching for Carpools & Vanpools!

Are you tired of driving alone to work? Are you looking for an alternative to this costly way to commute? Many commuters have learned that by ridesharing they can not only save money, but also minimize their carbon footprints and reduce the stress of fighting rush hour traffic by themselves.


Carpool in MassachusettsIn the Junction TMO service area, carpooling (when two or more people share a ride to work in a private passenger car) is the most convenient and popular form of ridesharing for employees who want an alternative to drive-alone commuting.

Vanpool in MassachusettsBut vanpooling (when a group of 5 to 15 employees share a ride to work in a leased van) is a close second. Vanpools are the most cost-efficient means to commute and appeal to riders who can relax, read a book, work on their laptops, or just snooze during their commute.

Bay State CommuteThe core of the JTMO's ridesharing program is a state-of-the-art on-line computerized ride matching and travel rewards system for vanpools and carpools. The JTMO will help you register with Bay State Commute, and you will immediately be able to start recording your travel data and earning valuable coupons and discounts.

Save money ridesharingThe first benefit of ridesharing that comes to mind is that you can SAVE MONEY by sharing the costs of your commute!
The attached graphic illustrates how much money you can keep in your pocket when you rideshare, but there are other benefits too:
  • Reduced Stress
  • Less Time Behind the Wheel
  • Extra Time to Read, Snooze, Work, Socialize, Etc.
  • Reduced Wear and Tear on Personal Vehicle
  • Reduce Wear and Tear on Personal Vehicle
  • Discounts on Car Insurance Rates (Check with Your Agent)
  • Fuel Conservation
  • Reduced Air Pollution
  • Less Traffic Congestion
How do CARPOOLS Work?
Carpools are informal, voluntary and flexible. Hence, their popularity. For example:
  • One person can drive, while the passengers contribute only to gas and parking.
  • Participants may alternate driving and not exchange money.
  • The carpool driver may pick up passengers at their homes, or they may meet at a central location like a Park & Ride lot.
  • Carpools can and do include family members.
  • Participants make up their own rules and determine the schedule.
How do VANPOOLS Work?
Although forming a vanpool takes a little more work, the payoff for participants can be significant: The average vanpool passenger can save up to $5000 in commuting costs per year, compared to the cost of driving alone.

VanpoolThe JTMO works with Enterprise Rideshare, the nation's leading vanpool provider, and takes the lead in organizing groups of employees who are interested in vanpooling. Vans are driven and coordinated by volunteers within the group. Driver applications are available from the JTMO and must be completed and approved by Enterprise Rideshare before a vanpool can officially be formed.

Vanpool lease packages provided by Enterprise Rideshare include 30-day "pay-as-you-go" vehicle agreements, meaning there is no long-term commitment. These agreements include a comprehensive insurance and maintenance package with 24-hour roadside assistance.

CarpoolsLease rates are based on the size of the vehicle and the monthly miles traveled. The total cost of the vehicle is shared among the group members. If your employer offers a tax-free subsidy or pre-tax payroll deduction, your personal costs are significantly reduced. For more information about vanpooling, read our Vanpool FAQs and our Questions for potential vanpoolers.

Now, are you ready to explore one of these options?

Bay State CommuteThe Junction TMO partners with the Massachusetts Department of Transportation and MassRIDES, the state's rideshare program, to offer Bay State Commute, a state-of-the-art, on-line travel rewards system to help you search for companions who share your commuting criteria. Bay State Commute allows commuters to quickly and securely find commuter companions based on proximity to origin and destination points, travel routes, similar working hours, and compatible ride sharing preferences.

Finally, did you know that employees of Junction TMO member companies who rideshare never have to worry about being stranded at work in case of family emergency or unexpected, mandatory overtime? The JTMO's FREE Guaranteed Ride Home Program is your 24/7 commuter "insurance policy."

So why wait? Get started now and click here to sign up today!

For more information about carpooling or vanpooling, contact:

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