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Andrea Leary, Executive Director
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Al Marrone, Outreach Manager

℅ Northeast Transit Planning & Management Corp. • 28 Brook Road • Marblehead, MA 01945
Phone: 781-864-3096


Commuter Calculator

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A. What is your daily round trip commute distance from home to work (in miles)?
B. How many days per month do you normally work?
C. How many miles per gallon does your automobile average?
D. How much per gallon do you normally pay for gasoline?
E. What is your cost per mile for repairs, registration, maintenance and taxes? *
F. What is your cost per mile for financing, insurance and depreciation? *
G. How much do you pay for monthly parking?

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* Cost per mile estimates based on the 1996 Federal Highway Administration's Cost of Owning and Operating a Vehicle.

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